BJA – Ranking – Seeding – Selection, update 26 June 2022

BJA – Ranking – Seeding – Selection, update 26 June 2022

UPDATED – 26 June 2022

BJA Cadet Ippon League – last BJA update: 10 May 2022

BJA Junior Ranking – last BJA update:  25 April 2-22

BJA Senior Ranking – last BJA update: 1 May 2022


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UPDATE – 6/4/2022


Cadet Identification Policy (click) 

Chairperson: The Chair of the Identification Panel (normally the Performance Pathway Manager) will be responsible for ensuring that due process is followed, and identifications are made in adherence with the policy.

The BJA Performance Pathway Manager is currently:

Tim Ellis [email protected]
BJA Head Office Phone Number: 0121 728 6920

Players & Parents

 Without a BJA coach registry, you might get a false impression from social media, the press & websites about who is qualified and licensed to coach judo.  
Kendal Judo Club – “2022 Case Study” – click.

In 2019, Comberton Judo club falsely claimed their “head coach” was BJA licensed for almost 18 months after he had been suspended by the British Judo Association. 


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