GB Judo Underground, “the JUG”: Fact versus Fiction – Updated

July 14, 2022


Fiction versus Facts!

2021 was a year many were given the option to choose. 

“….the way we have always done it?”  

Or looking closer at statements and deciding what is fact and what is fiction?

GB Judo Underground:

“A forum for all British and International Judo discussion that champions freedom of speech and progressive thinking.”

Fact or Fiction?

Claire Lish, BJA Director, GB Judo Underground 2021:

“There is no remuneration.”  

– Using her FaceBook profile: “Mumma Lish”.
(One of several FaceBook profiles she has used in her capacity as a BJA Directors and/or the BJA lead of the BJA Inclusion & Diversity Steering group.)


£455,370 was paid to BJA directors and 7 members of the BJA SLT (Senior Leadership Team),1st April 2020 – 31 March 2021.  

BJA Financial accounts 2020-2021, page 67!

FIND OUT MORE about BJA remueration payments:

Go to the GBJC page for facts and information about the over £1,7million pounds paid to BJA Directors & BJA “Leaders”, 2017-2021, approved by BJA Directors & BJA “Leaders”. – click

BJA website “about us” page:

Member clubs directly elect the Chairman and 7 Directors”
January – November 2021.



Statement deleted from the BJA website after 22 November 2021.

BJA Short Statement, 21 April 2021:

“………..the report was considered by a fully independent disciplinary panel.” 


On the panel of 3 was Lisa Allan, daugther of BJA Sport Director, Colin McIvor, and a very close friend of several of the BJA board member.

BJA Strategic Plan 2017-2021, Strategic theme:

“Excellent governance at all levels”


The BJA Board agree to delete previously published board meeting content.
BJA Board meeting, 16 February 202.  (Renaming deletion to “redacting”)
Section from December 2020 BJA board meeting minutes about the investigation into bullying – deleted.

If you apply the motto of GB Judo Underground:

“A forum for all British and International Judo discussion that champions freedom of speech and progressive thinking.”

You should be able to discuss any of these facts in the GB Judo Underground group!


If you  Judo and hate the politics, bullying, hassle and censorship?

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Want to discuss judo?

Without worrying about censorship?

The GBJC group

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You might be interested in reading the latest about the GB Judo Underground FaceBook group and how bullying is used to humiliate members and supress a discussion about a positive Covid test of a BJA official at the British Judo Championships 2021?  

Including two of the group’s administrators participating!

Conclusions & FACTS

Updated 10 December 2021
See Rob Connor, group administrator.

  • Updated 10 November 2021
  • See the status of Paul Ajala, Simon Hayes & Nadia Minardi.
  • Updated 16th August 2021
  • Updated, 19th August.
  • See section about Neil Harrison, GB Judo Underground administrator.
  • Updated, 6th October.
    Paul Ajala is no longer an Administrator of 
    GB Judo Underground for unknown reasons?
    Whether his threat to remove members remains in force and facilitated by the other of the group moderators and Administrators?
JUG Admins – 

Chris Milward – 
BJA NW Area Chair.

Simon Hayes – 
UKBJJA Director & Lead Councilor.

Nadia Minardi – 
BJA London Area treasurer.*
BJA Council member

Neil Harrison – 
BJC Vice-chair & Treasurer.

Rob Connor –
BJJ Coach, states he is a “judo black belt”.**

JUG Mods – 

Glenn Spiers – 
BJA London Committee.*

Gary Howe – 

Danny Williams – 

GB elite judoka 

** Rob Connor’s club, Bulldozer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 5 November 2021:

We do have Judo as part of out curriculum, as well as wrestling but our focus is brazilian jiu jitsu.

GB Judo Underground
"The JUG"
Racism – Ethics - Data!

If you publish facts and evidence of unethical behaviour within the judo community, you would have thought that judo ethics and the philosophy of Jigoro Kano might prevail? 

Leading to reflection and improvements?

Instead, the “JUG” administrator, Paul Ajala, decided to direct attention away from the facts and launch a personal attack making many accusations, all without any evidence whatsoever.

He only launched his attack, after members of the JUG had been secretly removed (“disappeared”) from the group.  Without reason or notification.

Within regimes like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, etc. this is commonly known as a political purge. 

Accusation #1

No such thing has happened!

The burden of evidence is on the person making the accusation to prove! 
Not for the accused person to disprove when no evidence has been supplied!

When David Icke accused the Royal family and others of be Lizards in disguise?
Nobody expected them to disprove his accusation! 
(Except maybe David Icke and his followers?)

To date, nothing from the BJA nor the BJC has been communicated in this matter so the accusation is……




So, Paul Ajala scores 0 points on the BJA ethics scale! 


On the face of it, a horrible accusation considering Paul Ajala is part of the BAME community!

Upon inspection, you can decide for yourself whether the basic cartoon is racist?
Or whether adding “JUG Mods & Admins” to the Neanderthal skull and “those who wear shoes on the mats” then suddenly makes it racist?  

The racist accusation is proven……..


To stoop so low as to playing a fake “race card” is not even common within normal politics! 

But judo politics is special, at least when Paul Ajala is involved!

So, Paul Ajala scores 0 points on the BJA ethics scale!

Dictators & Racism?

Paul Ajala does clarify a little about his fellow administrators and moderators.  
But it remain unclear as to whether he has discussed racism with another JUG Administrator, Neil “Bomber” Harrison?

Is publicly displaying a “black-face” photo on your FaceBook profile racist? 
Neil Harrison being the Vice-Chair of the BJC at the time was part of updating the BJC online behaviour document.

Click – “BJC policy on negative behaviour” – click

UPDATED, 19/9-2021:

North Birmingham Judo club
has requested it be clarified that the photo from Neil Harrison’s FaceBook profile page is NOT a photo of himself nor taken by him. 
He had only added it to the public photos on his FaceBook profile page. 

No dictator has ever run a regime all on their own! 
They surround themselves with henchmen, snitches and “yes-people” that can bully, intimidate and suppress information.
(See who the other Mods & Admins are at the end of this update.)

Bullying & Harassment?

When a director of a company/organisation, PUBLICLY comments as the director and representing the organisation on their official FaceBook page. 

When somebody later on points out that the FaceBook profiles are that particular director, it is neither bullying or persecuting the person.  

It is stating FACTS!

So, when Clair Lish, BJA director, uses both “LISHY LOO” & “Mumma Lish” FaceBook profiles to comment, PUBLICLY, on the BJA FaceBook page, in her capacity as a BJA director and on behalf of the BJA.

Deleting comments and deactivating FaceBook accounts doesn’t change the facts or actions of a BJA director.  

Afterwards, posting “victim” posts and making accusations on social media, without any evidence, while only having a “vague recollection” of what she had said and done?

(Claire Lish has been sent the evidence of her errors several weeks ago but has chosen not to respond or react accordingly.)

BJA director Claire Lish –
aka Lishy Loo – aka Mumma Lish scores 0 points on the BJA ethics scale!


Paul Ajala has recently announced his candidacy to become a member of the BJA board of directors, using the JUG as his launch pad and campaigning platform.

At the time of the handover of the file, there were only 3 administrators of the JUG. 
One wasn’t a member of the BJA at the time (CM), another was (and still is) a director of UKBJJA (SM) and the third was Paul Ajala.

A couple of days before the BJA CEO handed out the JUG file to the other BJA board members, this photo was taken at the Paris Grand Slam.

The BJA has not published anything about this EJU school initiative. 
Nor is it possible to find out from the BJA accounts whether the BJA paid for Paul Ajala’s travel, hotel, expenses and/or if he received remuneration (a fee) for attending and participating?

It would appear that Britain is no longer part of the EJU school’s project today.

Your Data & the JUG Administrators?

Whether the recent promotions of Moderators to Administrators in the JUG was an attempt to cover up who could have passed on the info file to the BJA CEO when this happened?

Only FaceBook group administrators have access to the data files, known as “FaceBook Group Insights”. 
These can be downloaded as spreadsheets and contain a wealth of information about the group, posts, members, comments, likes, engagement, etc. 

So, who has access to the data for the JUG group and its members besides Paul Ajala?  


JUG Admins – 

Chris Milward – 
BJA NW Area Chair.

Simon Hayes – 
UKBJJA Director & treasurer.

Nadia Minardi – 
BJA London Area treasurer.*

Neil Harrison – 
BJC Vice-chair & treasurer.

Rob Connor
BJJ Coach, states he is a “judo black belt”.**

JUG Mods – 

Glenn Spiers – 
BJA London Committee.*

Gary Howe – 

Danny Williams – 
GB elite judoka


Some are members of the JUG because they enjoy watching
others get bullied and belittled in the group?

Some may want to post “positive comments” that may get
passed on to judo management?   


Some may wonder;
“why publish facts and evidence about judo politics?” 

BJA management does seem to have a different set of ethics in several areas that has filtered through into social media groups & groups. 
Particularly the “only positive comments” is a common thread in some groups.     

Who was asked and made “positive comments” to replace the deleted ones?

Considering the BJA has spent over
£5 million pounds since the first Covid-19 lockdown, March 2020. 
Based upon the BJA & JudoScotland chair, Ronnie Saes, track record of spending public funds. 

Maybe Paul Ajala fits in well with the other judo politicians at the BJA board table?  

Previously published.

Truth or Lies? really is up to you,
who and what
you want to believe!

Update - 30st July 2021

Only FaceBook group admins can download “Facebook group insights”.*

So, the big question is, who supplied the BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, with a file about the GB Judo Underground FaceBook group and comments made in the group?  

The BJA CEO distributed the group information file on the 12th February 2019, to BJA board members present along with non-BJA persons.

Only a couple of days prior to distributing the info about the group and comments made by its members, a meeting was held at the Paris Grand Slam judo competition, including one of the FaceBook group’s administrators.


Paris Grand Slam judo competition – 9/10 February 2019.

In a ceremony held at the Paris Grand Slam earlier this year, a Memorandum of Understanding between Harrow School in Great Britain, the British Judo Association and the European Judo Union was signed in support of the EJU ‘Judo at School’ initiative. As stated by EJU President, Mr Sergey Soloveychik,

No information is available as to why Britain is no longer part of the project?  

Nor what expenses and possible fees were paid under the BJA budget heading “International relations”, if any?

You can try to ask the question in GB Judo Underground and see what happens?

Or in the administrator’s new private FaceBook group where he will be promoting himself as a candidate for the BJA Board.

Already nicknamed by some as “The Little Lie” group?  

Update - 21st July 2021

Racist cartoon?

If you were to add “JUG admins/Mods” to the neanderthal skull.  

Would it then suddenly become racist?  

You can check out the GB Judo Underground administrators & moderators yourself and see their profiles, what involvement they have in judo & politics.
Most are directly involved with judo association governance in one form or another!   

Since announcing his candidacy for a BJA Board member position, the JUG administrators seems to have started his political campaign with a string of baseless accusations.  

One by one being proven to be false accusations!


Updated - 22nd July 2021

For the record:

When a BJA Director publicly comments on the official BJA FaceBook page, in a capacity as a BJA Director about official BJA policy and procedures.

Whatever FaceBook profile is used for this purpose, will be considered the official BJA Director’s FaceBook profile, when interacting on FaceBook on behalf of the BJA.  

You cannot decide to use a FaceBook profile one day, in an official capacity as a BJA Director representing the BJA, and then afterwards change your mind and say it is now a private FaceBook profile for other purposes. 
Without it being noticed and the account being referred to as the BJA Director’s official BJA FaceBook profile.
Deactivating a FaceBook profile or deleting comments doesn’t change facts!

Nor can you use two FaceBook profiles in the same discussion and not think it will cause confusion and curiosity as to who the profiles are!

This section will updated soon.

UPDATED - 19th July 2021

You can judge for yourself whether purging a group of potential critics while running for office is political or not?  

Or what “Free Speech” means to the group’s moderators and administrators.  


Distracting from the Facts about GB Judo Undergrounds close ties with
the BJA Board of directors may also have been a consideration of his?

GB Judo Underground 
post by admin, threatening “disappearances”.

Second thoughts!

The background evidence
about Judo Politics.

Can you believe the BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, when he states he recieved information about the GB Judo Underground group (The JUG) and comments made by the group’s members?


Using FaceBook data insights from a group like the JUG to measure  the mood in the judo community is probably not a great idea. 

Due to the online bullying that is frequently seen in this group (sometimes with participation of administrators & moderators) it has created a huge “silent majority” with in the group.   

Trying to measure the mood of the judo community with a group like GB Judo Underground, where many avoid participating and some may know that the BJA board may receive information about comments in the group, will not be representative of the judo community.

Can you believe there is "freedom of speech"
in the GB Judo Underground group?


Freedom of Expression” includes the right of individuals and organizations to exchange information without fear of repercussion or censorship.

With comments, discussion threads and even members being “disappeared” in secret, as seen recently, should a comment or post not fall foul of the administrator’s or moderator’s politicals beliefs, it may still have consequences for you later on.      

POSITIVITY – aka censorship & propaganda!

The latest political tool to censor anything that isn’t “positive”, in the eyes of the group administrators or the BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez.


In some of the political groups, BJA – North West area, Southern area, GB Judo Underground and the BJC group.  Fall foul of the administrator’s political beliefs can lead to “disappearances”. 

As to the BJA & Judo Scotland Chair, Ronnie Saez, you judge his ethics when it comes to money?

In conclusion.

It appears that both the CEO & Chair were truthful in the BJA publications!

If you want to participate in social media discussions about British judo, you now know the rules and who might get information about comments and the group, if you are in one of the groups administered by people like Paul Ajala & Chris Milward.

Paul Ajala has recently put himself forward as a BJA board member in GB Judo Underground while the group continues to “disappear” members without reason nor notification prior to being removed & blocked!  

Postponed until after the Olympics:

Andrew Haffer, BJA Director:

The facts about a single comment, out of the many he wrote.

His statement about the
one comment he claims has been deleted! (it hasn't).

How the one comment was from a "hacked" account! (it wasn't)

The conspiracy theory by Paul Ajala (GB Judo Underground) administrator, according to Andrew Haffner!

Andrew Haffner endorsing someone as "Highly Respectable" and being a senior BJA Dan grade! (Completely untrue)

You can sign up for Free, Open & Independent news about Judo & Events?

.....or not!

Many “Judo Politicians” subscribe, read the facts before running off to tell those they control, not to read the information!


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