The British Judo Trust 2022

The British Judo Trust 2022

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“Widening Participation – Using the national spread of clubs, players and coaches, and the role models of Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic athletes, to allow more people to benefit from the physical and social support network of the sport.”

“Developing People – Using Judo and the judo family to improve the health, safety and opportunities for those in society to achieve their full potential in the sport of judo.”

“Facility Development – Helping with basic kit and equipment that allows judo based initiatives to reach and benefit more people.”

Applications open to groups & individuals.

Governance & Structure of The British Judo Trust

 The British Judo Trust is both a registered Charity (1119281) & a limited company (05905422).

Players & Parents

 Without a BJA coach registry, you might get a false impression from social media, the press & websites about who is qualified and licensed to coach judo.  
Kendal Judo Club – “2022 Case Study” – click.

In 2019, Comberton Judo club falsely claimed their “head coach” was BJA licensed for almost 18 months after he had been suspended by the British Judo Association. 


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