Judo Competition Rules – Overview

If you are new to judo? 
Watch a very brief video about judo.

There are a wealth of different judo competition rules based upon the judo association, skills level and age. 

I you are a novice judoka (player) or parent?
Your initial source of most information should be a qualified judo coach.

Whatever age, judo association and skill’s level?  

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IJF Rules

These competition rules cover all IJF & EJU governed judo competitions. These rules should also used at the 2022 Commonwealth Games though until officially announced, tbc.

BJA Competition rules from 1st June 2022

The British Judo Association (BJA) has adapted the new IJF rules and these will be valid from 1 June 2022 within all BJA, JudoScotland (JS), Northern Ireland Judo Federation (NIJudo) and Welsh Judo Association (WJA) competitions.

Masters & Veterans Competition Rules - in effect!

10th May 2022, the BJA announces changes to Maters/Veterans competition rules with immediate effect.

Other UK judo competition rules

This post will be udated soon and become available shorly.

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