IJF/EJU – Prague European Open 2022

March 5 -6

IJF/EJU – Prague European Open 2022

45 42 44 45 41 40 GB Senior competitors. 

UPDATED 8/3/2022

The sentence from the BJA website article, Friday 4/2/2022:
 We will bring you a full recap from the event on Monday. 

Has now been deleted from the article and will probably never be produced now. 
By the 3 BJA content staff and 2 BJA directors involved with communications & marketing! 

IJF Competition Data


Despite the BJA promising to publish a round up about the event, today, Monday 7/3/2022.

With Monday coming to and end, the BJA comms team have been as precise as when they stated that 41 Fighters were set for the competition!


Follow the British Judo social media pages for updates throughout the weekend. We will bring you a full recap from the event on Monday. 

This isn’t the first time BJA and BJA director statements have “disappeared”!

Check out whether “There is no remuneration”, BJA Director Claire Lish.

Or £1,7million pounds were paid as remuneration to BJA Directors and SLT since she became a BJA Director?

£455,370 in 2020-2021 – UP 6%, when BJA England membership was DOWN 60%!

GB Results

Top 5 countries entering the competition:

  1. Germany – 63 competitors – #1
  2. France – 44 competitors – #2
  3. Britain – 40 competitors – #27
  4. Spain – 35 competitors – #4
  5. Italy – 34 competitors – #11


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