British Judo – Remuneration payments to BJA Directors & “Leaders”

British Judo – Remuneration payments to BJA Directors & “Leaders”

July 10, 2022

A request has been made (see comments) and GBJC will look into this.

Additionally, Neil Fletcher has apparently been re-elected to the BJA Board of Directors after his first 4 years. 
The election results are lacking in details besides just stating who won, TBC.

As a Chartered Accountant,  Neil Fletcher  would be the ideal BJA Director to ask questions about remuneration payments.  Both legalities and practises in connection with UK legislation (2019) and the governence requirements defined by UKSport and Sport England!  

To contact BJA Directors:

If you wish to make contact with any of our Board Members, please contact Justine Lynch (Executive Assistant) at [email protected]

UPDATED – 18 March 2022:

BJA Director Claire Lish (see details below) has changed her FaceBook profile name again.
Now interacting on FaceBook as:  “Clair ELish”

Previous known FaceBook profile names when commenting as a BJA Director & Lead of the Diversity & Inclusion initiative:
“Lishy Loo” – “Mumma Lish”  

UPDATED – 20 February 2022:

The latest twist in “BJA Remuneration Gate” is that BJA Director, Claire Lish, that initially drew attention to remuneration by stating there was none. 
On the ABP 
(Applied Business Psychology) website it states she is a member of the BJA remuneration commission which makes it very doubtful she had no knowledge of the £1,7 million pounds of remuneration payments since she joined the BJA in 2017.  


Should you wish to direct any questions to BJA Directors in this and any other matter?

BJA Board of directors and contact information – click. 

UPDATE – 16 February 2022:

Since the publication of the facts & information, many BJA members, volunteers and coaches have read it!

On British judo social media? 
In the politically controlled FaceBook groups it is not something you are allowed to know about nor discuss.  

In the groups where you are allowed to discuss the facts and information?
There have generally been 3 types of reactions!

1 – Demands for proof & links to the evidence!  All supplied in the article.
2 – Setting up theories of how £455,370 in remuneration paysments could be perfectly ok! 
It includes expenses! 
(It doesn’t)
“If you divide the figure betweeen ? and consider ?, it is perfectly 
The BJA has declined revealing who the BJA SLT (Senior Leadership Team) consists of!

3 – Attacking the source of the facts and information while claiming it is “freedom of speech” to be abusive online!
Since removed and announced in the GBJC FaceBook group, as per standard group transparency rules in such moderation actions!  

If you  ❤️ judo and hate the politics?

You don’t have to get involve by staying informed!  


You can join the GBJC FaceBook group and participate in even difficult discussion about judo, provided you abide by the group rules of being respectful towards others.

Join the GBJC FaceBook group – click
A growing number of judo parents and others have recently joined the group and finding out you can ask questions without being humiliated!


When a BJA Director interacts and comments on social media, in the capacity as a BJA Director, you would expect the person to uphold the BJA’s values?

“BJA Our Values”

So, when a BJA Director stated in
GB Judo Underground (a FaceBook group), 2021:

“There is no remuneration.”


The majority of BJA members, coaches, officials, parents and people involved with judo in Britain, probably took it at face value and believed the BJA Director’s statement?  


From the public records of BJA financial accounts, since Claire Lish became a BJA Director in 2017.

The BJA has paid out over £1,7 million pounds to BJA Directors and members of the BJA SLT (Senior Leadership Team), in the period 2017-2021.

Most recently, the BJA paid its Directors and SLT a total of £455,370 paid in remuneration, 2020-2021. 

During the height of Covid-19 having an impact of British Judo, 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021. 

Changes from the previous financial year:
  • BJA membership DOWN, England, 60% (30,944 to 12,406)
  • BJA membership income DOWN 46.12% (£673439 to £262,843)
  • The 2020-2021 BJA annual turnover was DOWN 32,1% (£5,3 million to £3,6million)
In fact, the worst period for British Judo in living memory!
 ………………….. except?
Remuneration payments to BJA Directors & the Senior BJA leaders went 
UP by 6,1% on the previous year to a total of £455,370.
1/8 of the annual BJA budget.
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Coming up!

The “BJA Values” defined.

Facts & Figures.

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BJA Our Values








“Respect is having due regards for the competence, feelings, views and rights of ourselves and others.
It extends to the treatment of all people with whom we come into contact with.”






“Unity gives us a sense of belonging, creating the belief that with the support of our colleagues, we can overcome adversity and achieve great things.” 












“Excellence is the standard that we constantly strive to achieve.
It ensures that a job is well done, no matter how difficult the circumstances.” 






“Trust is the belief and confidence in the reliability of each other.
It quantifies and defines our relationships with others.” 










“Excellence is the standard that we constantly strive to achieve.
It ensures that a job is well done, no matter how difficult the circumstances.” 


How Remuneration payments are approved.


In effect:

A remuneration committee approves all payments.

It consists of:

The BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez, a BJA Director,
The BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, a member of the BJA SLT,
Plus two Independent
[BJA] Directors, members of the BJA Board of Directors,

They meet twice a year and approve all remuneration payments to BJA Directors and BJA SLT members.

No details are available as to whom attended these meetings and approved payments to individuals and for what the payments covered.


The Companies (Directors’ Remuneration Policy and Directors’ Remuneration Report) Regulations 2019 – Frequently Asked Questions

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Remuneration Summery & Definitions


Since the BJA doesn’t clarify what they are paying remuneration for, specifically to whom nor in what form? 
Those interested in the recent changes that the BJA financial reporting seems to not be abiding by? 

UK GOV FAQ – click

What is directors remuneration UK?

Directors’ remuneration refers to how directors of a company are compensated by a company for their services usually fees, salary, use of company property or other benefits.

So, it isn’t expenses!

Remuneration can be in the form of pension contributions?
That might sound alarm bells with those that have knowledge of how the BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez, has previously dealt with public funding before becoming the BJA Chair?


Pay-off for charity boss Ronnie Saez branded ‘misconduct’  

The Herald Scotland:

The poverty campaigner who walked away with £500k of poor kids’ cash

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Information about the 2021 AGM and the approval of the BJA accounts containing remuneration payments? 

Who attended? 

Which BJA clubs voted to approve the Annual Report and the Financial Accounts, 2020-2021?

What was the vote count in the election of new BJA Directors?

What were the vote counts for the BJA President position?

Was there any vote on re-electing the BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez?

Click to go the the BJA Website AGM post, 2 November 2021 with the AGM 2021 paperwork, Pre-AGM:

If you have any question about the AGM, please contact [email protected]


BJA “Our Values”

Respect – Unity – Excellence – Trust – Integrity

You can read more about this in the BJA Strategic plan 2017-2021 – click

Players & Parents

 Without a BJA coach registry, you might get a false impression from social media, the press & websites about who is qualified and licensed to coach judo.  
Kendal Judo Club – “2022 Case Study” – click.

In 2019, Comberton Judo club falsely claimed their “head coach” was BJA licensed for almost 18 months after he had been suspended by the British Judo Association. 


Upcoming GBJC News?

The mystery about whether BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez, was re-elected in 2021, or not?  By whom?  Why the BJA has made now announcement about it?

Moves into 2022 with rumours of Sport England/UKSport not having approved it? 

The few details that are known about the mystery can found in the GBJC post, that when linked via social media quickly “disappeared” in GB Judo Underground FaceBook group.  

If you are wondering why comments, discussions and even members of GB Judo Underground “disappear”?  

If you look at who the group administrators and moderators that can take such action and the judo politics might become clear? – click

If you attempt to discuss BJA remuneration payments in GB Judo Underground?  

Who the BJA qualified judo coaches are at kendal Judo club?
he BJA North West Area chair, Christopher Milward is an administrator of the group.

The mysteriously re-elected BJA Chair? 
Ronnie Saez is a member of GB Judo Underground.

BJA Safeguarding practises? 
BJA Safeguarding manager, Keith Eldridge, is a member of the group and now interacts in this capacity on FaceBook!

You might experience how the group Administrators and Moderators interpret “Freedom of speech & progressive judo discussions”? 

…………………..Or experience being online group bullied and ridiculed for raising an inconvenient question?
Among the participants were; group administrators, BJA coaches, a BJC coach, BJA officials and elected judo association and area committee members – click.

If you would like to check facts and information yourself?

The BJA have regularly published the BJA board meeting minutes.   After discussing the BJA board of Directors “unanimously” voted to re-electe the BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez?  The practise has ceased.   
The last published BJA Board meeting minutes being 17th August 2021 – click.

A request for information about the status of the BJA Chair and the re-election has been opened by several at the BJA but not responded to.

Coming up on GBJC:

An in depth look at BJA safeguarding cases and how these are handled!
A closer look at the BJA council’s members, function & credibility!

BJA Council……aka “The Chocolate Teapot in a Sauna”.

The last published BJA council meeting minutes are from the 15th February 2020. 
Before the Covid Crisis was to hit the UK and British judo! – click

How member;s money is spent and ethics not your thing?

CHECK OUT……………………….

……………………..And join in judo discussions where you don’t have to worry if your opinion will give you more hassle in your life than you already have?

  • Where Nobody – No comment – No Dicussions is “secretly disappeard”!
  • Where moderation actions taken about behaviour is published for the members to know and comment about!
  • Where judo associaion management persons will NOT be allowed to post false or misleading comments without being challenged!
  • ….and where the JUG online intimidation and belittling by coaches and “The usual suspects”  won’t be allowed to happen!   

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2 thoughts on “British Judo – Remuneration payments to BJA Directors & “Leaders”

  • Can you kindly publish a list of our funded athletes?

    The last updated list by the BJA seems to be in 2020 which was “same as last year due to covid”.

    • We will look at obtaining the information asap!


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