Lishy Loo, Mumma Lish & the Mysterious Remuneration Payments.


Lishy Loo, Mumma Lish & the Mysterious Remuneration Payments.

As promised in response to Matt Lish’s public post and comments on his FaceBook profile, 28 October 2022

Matt Lish:

“I have no problem with you holding the BJA to account and I have seen your posts regarding remuneration etc., but the fact is this, Claire is a Non-Executive Director on a Board with more than 10 people.”


How it all began?

The “hostiles”, in this ongoing saga, started shortly after I posted in the GBJC Facebook group, my opinion about the BJA and their Diversity & Inclusion initiative in May 2021.

Before that, I had followed how the BJA had been handling racism within judo ever since it had reared it’s ugly head in the notorious 650+ comment discussion in the JUG BLM discussion,2020.      

The BLM discussion in the JUG had 650+ comments and some of them blatantly racist. 
When one of the BJA’s main funders, Sport England, raise concerns about racism in this discussion and the BJA being accused of being racist.  
At the next BJA Board of Directors meeting, the Directors and CEO, Andrew Scoular, discussed how to respond to Sport England’s concerns.   BJA Board Meeting 30th june 2020

Long story short, the BJA directors and CEO found several reasons why the BJA couldn’t be held responsible, for anything.

Despite most BJA directors being members of the JUG group and the administrators and moderators part of the “BJA management minions & enforcers” on social media.

Concluding the BJA Board meeting discussion, two BJA Ltd Company Directors, BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez and Claire Lish, expressed their opinions about there were any racist comments in the JUG BLM discussion. 

Basically, there were no racists comments in their opinion.   

Less than a month later, the BJA were forced to publish a video about racism in British Judo due to the ongoing discussions, racist comments and accusations of the BJA not doing enough to address the issue.     

Go to BJA FaceBook page to watch the BJA BLM video – click


Back to what kicked it all off!

So, expressing my opinion in the GBJC facebook group, 25th may 2021.   

I shared this BJA FaceBook post in the GBJC FaceBook group and commented:

When the diversity lead & BJA board member, Claire Lish (aka “Lishy Loo” on FaceBook) can’t identify one racist comment out of the 600+ in last year’s JUG heated discussion, I don’t feel BJA management are actually engaging with these issues beyond looking for funding and producing lip service for its members.   

Then it kicked off!

Shortly afterwards, Claire Lish posted a long heartfelt post in the JUG making many claims, accusations and portraying herself as a victim of unwarranted online harrasement and me of exposing her “facebook pseudonym”, Lishy Loo, to the wider judo community with some sort of malicious intent!

Claire Lish:

“I was contacted last week by a member of the judo community to say (and I quote), “Looks like Steen has found another to have a pop as…keep well” accompanied by screenshots in which Steen names me, shared my facebook pseudonym” [Lishy Loo] and claimed that I use my facebook profile to make statements on behalf of the BJA and the diversity group.”

Claire Lish:

“I change my name regularly to make me hard to find for personal wellbeing reasons.  I don’t see why I need to justify it but there it is.  (This is something Steen has called me out on).  I had deactivated my Facebook page [profile]due to the activity of Steen and his page, but I am reactivating just to comment on this post.  Mr Erikson ‘spotted’ me a couple of months ago when I commented on a negative comment about the steering group on a Facebook page – I do not recall what page.”


At face value, truly an unpleasant experience for anybody!   

Hounded and exposing secrets to the masses!  
If it were true?

But it isn’t true!  
Far from!

From the screenshot above, it is clear Claire Lish had in fact used her Lishy Loo FaceBook profile as a BJA Ltd Company Director and  in her capacity as the head of the BJA steering group, only 6 days prior to me referencing it in my comment!

On the BJA FaceBook page, in public and not some random chit chat by a mother, wife and grassroot judo volunteer, as she has given many the impression.  

I and others were curious when reading Lishy Loo’s comments on the BJA FaceBook page and it took 1-2 min to determine it was Claire Lish, after she hadn’t responded to me asking about it in the discussion.  

But, you won’t find her comments there anymore since she has removed them or had the BJA page admin remove them!


Now, we all make mistakes in life!

So, when Claire Lish persisted in portraying herself as a victim and maintaining her many false accusations, I sent her the above screenshot via email, asked her to retract her many false statements and accusations.

NOBODY  can one minute use a FaceBook profile in public as a multi-million pound company director, making public statements on behalf of the company on it’s own FaceBook page.   
Then the next minute claim to be a harassed and persecuted innocent victim due to somebody stating what FaceBook profile a Ltd Company Director has used on FaceBook in the capacity of being a Company Director.  

Claire Lish has chosen not to respond to my email, not retracted or admitted any responsibility and is now doubling down by getting others, Matt Lish her husband, to repeat her “victim portrayal” on his public FaceBook post.

To make matters worse, for Claire Lish BJA Ltd Company Director, in her long JUG post, she also stated:

“There is no remuneration”   


A highly peculiar comment coming from her since on the APB (Association for Business Psychology) website, it states:.  

“In her spare time Claire is also a Director of the British Judo Association, acting as the lead for Human Resources, Chair of the Equality and Diversity Commission and Sponsor for the Wellbeing commission as well as a member of the Remuneration and Nominations Committees. Claire runs North Norfolk Judo Club in her spare time with her husband and has previously held roles as a Director and Trustee of a National Sports Charity and a Secondary School.

As a member of the BJA remuneration commission, Claire Lish would have been involved in approving the over £1,7 million pounds paid in remuneration, at the time of her comment:  

“There is no remuneration”.  

Adding this year’s BJA remuneration payments of over £380,000 pounds to the BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez, and a secret BJA “Executive team”?

The total amount paid by the BJA to BJA Ltd Company Directors and 6-7 members of the BJA SLT is over £2 million pounds since Claire Lish became a BJA Ltd Company Director, 2017. 

Regarding Thomas Lish and him being listed on the BJA’s GB Squad (u23s)? 
If this was an error by the BJA listing him as a member of the GB squad?
I can see that the whole page’s content has been “disappeared” since I mentioned it in connection with him not being listed on the BJA ranking list and not fulfilling the BJA selection criteria.

 See BJA Ranking lists with links for the BJA Junior & Senior Ranking policies – click

If there is evidence/facts that Thomas Lish rightfully obtained a place on the GB squad or his listing was an error, I will of course make this known widely!   

The BJA page content “disappearing”, just as with Claire Lish’s “Lishy Loo comments” on the BJA faceBook page, is neither a retraction nor a correction!

Some might speculate that they could be an attempt to cover something up?   And based upon BJA management’s online behaviour, who could blame them?   

Of course I have sympathy for Claire feeling the way she does but I can only keep responding to her continuous false accusations and statements. 

My “crime” was to state a fact, bJA Company Director using Lishy loo on faceBook in this capacity!  

I’ll leave it with her what happens next!  She has my email address from when I sent her the evidence via the BJA.  

Finally and …………….For the Record:

I do not belong to any of the factions within British judo vying for power and funding!

I have NO intentions of running for any elected office within any judo association…ever!

In British judo politics, I am “Billy-No-Mates” since I don’t participate in dodgy “mate deals” nor cover-ups!   

I don’t like bullies, whether direct or passive aggressive, and I don’t back down to them. 

I hate corruption and will keep expose it wherever I come across it, whether financial or morally. 


I believe that transparency and accountability are essential for good governance, anti-corruption and development.   


SBE 11/11/2022

The next blog has strong similarities since BJC Vice Chair, Neil Harrison, has already started his attempt to re-write history, discredit me by categorically stating……………..?

Things that are absolutely NOT true!  

I can and will provide the evidence & facts in the next blog, whereas all Neil Harrison is doing is making unsubstantiated accusations and statements to distract, as seems to be common practice by some!    

You can find his public above comment in the British Judo News Facebook group, unless, of course, he has deleted it?    


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