BJA Management Strategy Tour 2022. Updated 28/3/2022

BJA Management Strategy Tour 2022. Updated 28/3/2022

The full list of dates and locations at the end of the post!

BJA Southern & BJA London – Areas.

There are two events this week with the Southern Area event being an online event for participation!

30th March Zoom (Remote) – 18:30

Topic: British Judo Area Strategy Roadshow
Time: Mar 30, 2022 06:30 PM London
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Meeting ID: 978 3582 5191
Passcode: 895157


31st March Location TBC 18:30

With only a week’s notice, the BJA announced a tour where management will present the next many year’s draft BJA strategy.

Check the locations dates at the end of the post.

Read the BJA website article, 1 March 2022
(Only FaceBook post 7 March) 


British Judo Strategy Roadshow

The old BJA Strategic Plan

Take 5 min and compare the previous BJA Strategic plan’s content, goals and promises with the new draft strategic plan for the many years to come!

The Old BJA Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

See the  BJA Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2017-2021 and the many visions and promises!

The New BJA App?

The BJADojo cost much and promised much when it was launched.

 5 December 2018.


Despite the BJADojo having passed a estimated total cost of over £1/2 million pounds and requiring £90,000 annually* to maintain and “upgrade”? 

It has failed on many of the promises made and the BJA therefore put out to tender for a new CRM* system. 
(The BJADojo is a CRM)

BJA, 15 December 2021:


 Any queries regarding this Tender are to be referred to Colin McIver , Sport Director 

[email protected]

This new CRM is what is now called “The BJA App” in the draft BJA strategy by BJA management.

Most recently the BJADojo failed to address a high safeguarding priority. 
The ability to check whether a person is BJA qualified and licensed to coach judo.  
(Initially estimated to take a couple of weeks to implement on the BJADojo, 12 months later, it has still not been possible and there is no date set for this.)

See GBJC post; “2022 Case Study”, regarding Kendal Judo Club & Mike Liptrot.  

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.
It’s a technology used to manage interactions with customers and potential customers.
A CRM system helps organisations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

In the context of the BJADojo and the promised NEW “BJA App” (CRM)? 
Substitute “customers” with “BJA coaches & members”.



Who is the BJA Chair? 

For years, the BJA’s “About us” website page stated that member clubs elected the BJA Chair and Directors.

Until December 2021, when this suddenly “disappeared” from the BJA website.  

Is this a relevant who is the BJA Chair and how the person was elected?

When it comes to governance, transparency (particularly financial) and accountability, some might be concerned about Ronnie Saez’s past “misconduct” with public funding?

BBC Scotland:

Pay-off for charity boss Ronnie Saez branded ‘misconduct’  


Controversial £500k payment to Glasgow regeneration chief criticised as ‘misconduct’ by OSCR

Both Ronnie Saez & Andrew Scoular are permanent members of the BJA Remuneration Committee!  
(Remuneration payments to BJA management totalled over £1,7million pounds during the previous BJA Strategy period, 2017-2021)

Days since the “re-election” of Ronnie Saez to be BJA Chair for 4 more years?

279+ days

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Why has it not been possible for the BJA creating a Coach registry?
How do you fast-track someone to become a BJA judo coach? 

In March 2020, Mike Liptrot applied to be a matside judo coach at the british Schools Judo Championships 2020. 
His application was declined since he wasn’t a qualified/licensd BJA judo coach and acording to the BJA Sport Directorate.  

He had refused to DBS check since 2009.

Prior to this, “Bob” Darren Challis and Comberton Judo Club had falsly been advertising “Bob” as the club’s head coach and a qualified Level 3 BJA coach.
Over 18 months after he had been suspended by the BJA as a judo coach.

When an independent website published an anonymous case study about it?

The BJA Board’s response was to publish a “short statement” and considered the matter a “reputational risk”, not a safeguarding risk to members or the public.

The BJA Sport Director, Colin McIvor, initiated talks about the creation of the coach registry over 4 years, 2 months, 24 days ago.  
(12 December 2017)

The latest public statement about this recognised high safeguarding issue by the BJA Safeguarding manager, Keith Eldridge, 31st January 2022:

“It is on the agenda” 
What does a DBS check actually check?
A Disclosure and Barring Service check (or DBS check for short) is the term used for the analysis and record of a person’s past, looking specifically at any convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings they may have received.
Becoming a qualified and licensed BJA judo Coach.

Most BJA coaches spend a lot of years, money and energy on learning judo, how to coach and passing the requirements laid out by the BJA, UK legislation and the NSPCC.

They also pay for this.

BJA level one coach course cost, approx £100-125
(1 weekend)

BJA level 2 coach course cost, approx £350-450
(2 weekends)

BJA Level 3 coach course cost, approx £1,000*
(4 weekends)



“This course normally costs £1,000 but the BJA is providing a 50% subsidy for all candidates. For this year [2022] only, we are providing an additional subsidy for BJA members of £200.00. To qualify as a BJA member the applicant must have been a member for a minimum of two years and hold a BJA recognised grade of 1st Dan.”

Didn’t see the 1 BJA website article or the 1 FaceBook post about the tour?

Click the links for the latest updates!

Northern Home Counties & Eastern 
9th March Holiday Inn Cambridge (Darwin Room)18:30

Northern, North West and Yorkshire & Humberside
12th March EIS Sheffield (Room TBC)13:00

30th MarchZoom (Remote) – 18:30

31st March Location TBC18:30

Western & Wales 
6th April Sport Wales (Sophia Suite 2)18:30

Judo Scotland 
7th April Judo Scotland Offices18:30


13th April University of Wolverhampton, Walsall Campus (Lecture Theatre WA007)19:30

Northern Ireland – TBC & Location – TBC  
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