BJA Dojo-2 – 4 1/2 months into the roll-out – Status & Updates

BJA Dojo-2 – 4 1/2 months into the roll-out – Status & Updates

Updated – November 12, 2022

Where does the Buck stop?

A tendering process for companies to “pitch for the contract” was announced, 15th December 2021:


From the BJA’s tendering process:

The responses to this Tender to be received by 5.00 p.m. on 12 January 2022 by email to: Colin McIver, Sport Director [email protected]

Colin McIvor has since left his employment with the bJA.

Assessment of Tender

Upon receipt, the BJA Chief Executive [Andrew Scoular] and the Sport Director will consider all submissions received on or before the deadline and carry out an initial review to confirm completeness and compliance with the requirements of the ITT and may, at their discretion reject a Tender which is incomplete and/or non-compliant. The final selection will be made by the BJA’s Audit & Risk Committee.

The BJA Audit & Risk Committee consists of:


Click for the full document

In effect, with Colin McIvor no longer employed by the BJA, the BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, would be the person to have brought the Dojo-2 contract bids to the BJA Audit and risk committee for the decision who to contract.

When the recent tender process to develop the BJA website was announced, the BJA contact person was:
Sajid Hussain, BJA Finance and Operations Director. 
From the Charity he started during the Covid lockdown period, MSF (Muslim Sport Foundation) he describes his work ast the BJA:
It is believed, but not confirmed, that BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, and Sajid Hussain, BJA Finance and Operations Director, are both members of the BJA SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and now an unknown BJA “Executive Team” that since Ronnie Saez became BJA Chair, 2017, have been entitled to remuneration payments.  
These payments have totalled over £2 million pounds since 2017.   


No update by the BJA or NEST management about the nature of the “payment problems”.

19 October 2022:


If you have paid for anything via the BJA Dojo-2, supplied by NEST Management, errors might have occured!

Charged multiple times?  Not charged?  
Check your card payments and bank accounts!

DEDICATED Dojo-2 support:
[email protected]
[email protected] 

Other BJA contacts:
BJA staff Directory – click 
BJA “contact us” page – click

BJA Finance and Operations Director:
Sajid Hussain 0121 728 6920 (Office hours) 
[email protected]

BJA Chief Executive Officer:
Andrew Scoular 0121 728 6920 (Office hours) 
[email protected]
Mr Scoular was also the lead on the tendering process that awarded the contract to NEST Management. 


BJA 19th October 2022:

BJA Dojo Worldpay Payment Issues



NEST Management – FaceBook page.

You can see what NEST management has to say about their products and also leave a review of your experience of these!  


13 October 2022

BJA management has published a reminder of how to grade students manually, 13/10/2022:



12 October 2022

BJA management has published the overdue update about the roll-out of Dojo-2!  

In short, for members Dojo-2 is reaching the level of Dojo-1 when it was shut down, 24 June 2022.  110 days ago.

Though basic functionalities are still outstanding.

BJA Coaches should now be able to check their student’s membership status, but grading is still a full manual process and until the BJA has received payment paid, no grade is valid. 
See later the manual steps required to grade.

For the full BJA statement by the BJA Digital Marketing Executive, 12 October 2022:


10 October 2022  

The BJA have initiated a tendering process for a new website due to issues with incorporating Dojo-2 with the old one!  



You might be interested in the latest about the BJA AGM, 12th November 2022?  

Have you received the ballot papers and documents yet?  Supposedly to be in-hand by by those entitled to vote by 12-13 October

Don’t be “accidentally omitted” from information and participation as has happened in 2020, 2021, 2022 BJA elections and AGM voting!

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27 September 2022


  1. Go to the BJA post below.
  2. Download the spreadsheet.
  3. Fill in the 3 months backlog of gradings.
  4. Send it to the BJA.
  5. The BJA member staff (that the Dojo-2 is supposed to replace) will then add the gradings to the Dojo-2 one by one.
  6. Make sure you have filled in your contact details so the BJA can contact you and collect payment.
  7. Once you have paid for the gradings, the BJA will make these valid in your student’s Dojo-2 profile and the student will need to confirm with you this has happened since as a BJA coach, you currently haven’t got access to their BJA Dojo-2 profiles.


“There is expected to be a huge number of gradings process which therefore take some time to complete. We kindly ask members and coaches to be patient and not contact the membership team whilst gradings are being processed.”
Based upon previous years of gradings, the 3 months backlog of BJA (England) gradings that need to be processed manually could be as big as 6,500*!



*BJA annual report & accounts, 2019-2020.
Including BJA Directors and BJA SLT remuneration payments of £428,160

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A brief history of BJA Dojo-1 & Dojo-2:

Since BJA management commissioned the “………..NEW BESPOKE MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ‘THE DOJO [Dojo-1] and it was after some delay launched, December 2018. 
Much could be written about how it underperformed, never fulfilled the many promises, how expensive it was and questions raised about management throughout the years stating it was “working well”!  

In December 2021, the BJA received £255,000 from Sport England

(public funding) for;  

“………digital transformation and digital app.[Dojo-2]

During the “BJA Strategy Tour” the “BJA App” [Dojo-2] was one of the main selling points for the BJA Future Strategy proposal in presentations by BJA Chair, Ronnie Saez, and BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular (March 2022).

June 23 2022: 
The day before shutting down Dojo-1, BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, shares his timeline for the Dojo-2 roll-out with the BJA Board of Directors:

“Second phase due to roll out end of July…….”


June 24/25 2022:
The BJA Dojo-1 was shutdown and the roll-out of the NEW Dojo-2 had been outlined.    

While BJA management has allowed the external supplier of Dojo-2 (NEST Management) to use the name and logo of British Judo (The BJA) for the company’s promotional & testimonial purposes.

BJA Dojo-2 has yet to be rolled out beyond very basic functions (Phase 1) such as logging in and out, possible membership renewal, adding an avatar, etc. 

Latest BJA update, 2 September 2022:

Over the last couple of months, British Judo has been working on implementing the Association’s latest digital platform, the new membership dojo.   


“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”!

Check it out yourself, including your profile, data, children’s membership profiles, etc.



DEDICATED Dojo-2 support:
[email protected]

[email protected] 

Other BJA contacts:


The BJA club finder has been partially restored after being shut down since 25 June 2022 and the main link on the BJA website hadn’t worked for over 60 days.  

Check the details of your Club & Coaches.  

Phase 2 Dojo-2 Roll Out:

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The BJA have set up a dedicated website page for BJA membership during Dojo-1 shutdown:

BJA Membership Noticeboard

BJA Guides/Manuals

“How to………”

BJA Updates


BJA 27 September 2022:





BJA 2 September 2022:





BJA 19 August 2022:



BJA 23 July 2022:




BJA 15 July 2022:


The BJA have set up a dedicated website page for BJA membership during Dojo-1 shutdown:

Membership Noticeboard

Join the GBJC FaceBook group for the BJA Dojo-2 Launch, Monday 25 July 2022

BJA Dojo-2 documentation



BJA Dojo-2

aka the “BJA App”

Software type:  
CRM*Customer Relation Management 

Launch date:  Monday 18 July 2022

Initial funding/cost: £255,000+ (click)

Supplier:    NEST Management – website

Company number 03928678 – click for UK.GOV company details

Support:  [email protected]

Approved & commisioned by:  BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, BJA Sport Director, Colin McIvor, and the BJA Board of Directors at the time of commissioning. 


Tender Specifications:

 BJA 21 December 2021:


 From the specifications:

We are issuing this Request for Quotation to source the best candidate to
achieve our objectives. The RFQ process allows for the gathering of indepth knowledge of Tenderer’s abilities and strategies with respect to
this opportunity and affords the most comprehensive analysis.

– BJA branding (Logos, imagery, colours etc)

– Digital barcode/QR code which is scannable for membership card

– Secure log-in for members (2FA/Face recognition/fingerprint

– Information to seamlessly sync with CRM [BJA DOJO-1]

– ‘Offline’ use for membership card

– Family feature for parents/guardians to manage multiple

– Member profile area (user can update details, display photo etc)

– Event calendar feature, to sync with online calendar on the BJA

– News/Comms dashboard, latest news or BJA information

– Push notifications feature (Promote announcements, medal wins,
association news, membership updates e.g. renewal coming up)

– Members area/forum where members can safely contact each
other through the app

– IOS & Android compatible

– Event competition/history tab (to show the user’s journey)

Customer Relation Management is technology for managing all your organisation’s relationships and interactions with members and potential members.
The goal is simple: Improve business/membership relationships. 

BJA Contacts:

BJA Directors (click for info)  & BJA council members (click for info) can be contacted via:
The BJA council is responsible for overseeing the BJA Board of Directors. 

Justine Lynch – Executive Officer 0121 728 6920 – [email protected]

Or the BJA email contact page – click  


BJA Dojo-1 support:  [email protected]

BJA Dojo-2 support:   [email protected]

British Judo Welcomes Appointments of Two New Board Members


Customer Relation Management is technology for managing all your organisation’s relationships and interactions with members and potential members.
The goal is simple: Improve business/membership relationships. 

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