BJA (British Judo Association) Director Elections 2022

BJA (British Judo Association) Director Elections 2022

July 11, 2022

Result summary published!


BJA 9 July 2022:

Elected Non-Executive Director 

Elected Candidate: Neil Fletcher

England Home Country Representative 

Elected Candidate: Garth Illingworth



An unusual high turn out, over 33% according to the BJA, despite the flaw with the election process.  

With the BJA not making the flaw known to those entitled to vote on their website nor on their social media platforms!

It is highly unusual in any democratic election process only to announce the winners without any other details whatsoever!

 If you want to know how many clubs were entitled to vote, how many voted, how many votes each candidate received?

You will need to contact the BJA or UK Engage!

[email protected]
BJA, for information about the election or to contact any BJA Director:
Justine Lynch Executive Officer
0121 728 6920
[email protected]


Neil Fletcher, re-elected, being a chartered accountant would be the ideal BJA Director to ask any questions about the £1,7million pounds paid to BJA Directors and BJA “Leaders”, 2017-2021. 
These payments approved by?


BJA Directors & “BJA Leaders”!

Ronnie Saez being the Chair of the BJA Remuneration Committee & Andrew Scoular being a permanent  member- click.


All candidates have to be approved by the BJA nomination committee – click


To date, it has not been possible to  ascertain how Ronnie Saez has been approved by the nomination committee despite his previous handling of public funding!



Check the BJA Website for an update on the election result and the flaw – BJA NEWS click

BJA Mission statement, 2017-2021:


Deliver excellence in all aspects of Judo governance, inclusion, participation and performance for the benefit of members.

8 July 2022:

Voting closed!

UKSport, Sport England & BJA president of the BJA council, Rowena Birch, has been asked to comment on the flaw in the BJA election process.

Rowena Birch, now BJA President and President of the BJA Council, during her election campaign:

“BJA Council is responsible for overseeing the work of the Board of Directors on behalf of the member clubs.
It’s is also there to provide guidance and advice on the grass roots of our sport. 

It is therefore really important that the President has strong chairing and leadership skills.
As President, I will ensure that there is true opportunity for the clubs’ voices to be heard.”
Rowena Birch, 23 September 2021

Join the GBJC group to find out what her response is to the flaws recognised with the BJA election process?


Check the BJA Website for an update on the election result and the flaw – BJA NEWS click


UK Engage:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0345 209 3770
Write to: UK Engage, House, 10 Acorn Business Park, Heaton Lane, Stockport SK4 1AS

As specified in the BJA announcement.



The usual contact for matters relating to governance, elections, AGM and to contact the BJA Directors:

Justine Lynch Executive Officer
0121 728 6920
[email protected]


July 5 2022
NB – FLAWS with the delivering of information & access link to vote to those voting entitled in the upcoming elections, CONFIRMED!    

UK Engage is contracted to ensure these elections are run in accordance with rules and regulations laid out by the BJA and UK legislation!  


UK ENGAGE – “About us”:

 If you are entitled to vote at the BJA elections but haven’t received the required information or access link & password?  


You need to contact UK ENGAGE URGERTLY about this!

 [email protected]
The voting is scheduled to close, Friday 8 july 2022 at 12:00 (BST)!


The exact same flaw happened leading up to the BJA AGM, November 2021, forcing the BJA to release the AGM papers on their website but only doing so 2 days before the AGM!



Join the GBJC FaceBook group to vote and participate in the group’s poll and discussions about the election and many other judo discussions! – CLICK


Players & Parents

 Without a BJA coach registry, you might get a false impression from social media, the press & websites about who is qualified and licensed to coach judo.  
Kendal Judo Club – “2022 Case Study” – click.

In 2019, Comberton Judo club falsely claimed their “head coach” was BJA licensed for almost 18 months after he had been suspended by the British Judo Association. 


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