BJA AGM – 2022



Issues that might concern some?

The process for approving candidates for BJA board positions, including Chair, the person nominated has to be approved by the “BJA nominations commission” – click to see the current members on this commission.
How BJA Cair, Ronnie Saez, was approved when he originally became acting BJA Chair is unknown, along with how he was re-elected in 2021 and why his re-election wasn’t mentioned in the AGM documents 2021 or made public to BJA clubs, coaches and members. 
Beyond the BJA Board Meeting minutes, June 2021, that have since been edited many months after the minutes had been approved. 

His track-record handling public funds has been documented outside his and the BJA Board’s control!



The Herald:

The BJA Board has in June 2022 discussed:


More to follow……………………



If your club is entitled to vote at the AGM, ensure you are supplied with the documents, ballot sheet and information about voting by proxy.
Several recent BJA votes have been flawed by not all those entitled to vote receiving information and documents prior!


At the BJA Board of Directors meeting, 23 June 2022.  

The BJA Board of Directors discussed among other things:

• Board Director term lengths of 2 x 4yrs and being allowed to restand for appointment after a break of 4 yrs and potentially for a further 2 x 4yrs and whether this was the right approach or better to keep the Board members refreshed

• Should the term length be different for Elected Directors and
Independent Directors

• Chairman role can be extended to 12yrs to maintain continuity
and if a Board member then becomes Chair, their tenure can be

• “Extended by exceptional circumstances” open to interpretation.
Should this be addressed via succession planning or remain in
the M&As as does not put us in a negative position

• Board requirements profile requires review to make becoming a Board member more attractive and inclusive not exclusive.
Currently reads as a CEO job description which would dissuade a lot of potential candidates


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BJA Directors & BJA “Leaders Remuneration payments:

BJA Director, Claire Lish, stated in 2021:

Despite also claiming she is a member of the “BJA Remuneration Committee” that has approved over £1,7 million pounds in remuneration payments since 2017!


During the financial period, 2020 – 2021, when BJA England membership fell by 60%, BJA remuneration payments to BJA Directors & BJA “Leaders” rose by 6% to over £455,000.

Approved by: 
BJA directors & BJA “Leaders”.
Find out more:


9 August 2022:
Calling Notice 



Club Committee members, coaches, volunteeers, Chairs & Secretaries!!!

If you wish to receive information and participate in BJA decision making processes and elections, check your data on the NEW BJA Dojo-2.   (Cost: £255,000)

Or contact the BJA executive assistant for further information, Justine Lynch:

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