“2022 Case Study” – Updating!

“2022 Case Study” – Updating!

With Kendal Judo Club and Mike Liptrot’s sudden announcement on social media, including how long he claims he has been coaching kids.  

The original post about the “2022 Case Study” is currently being updated.

FaceBook post

The obvious desprectancies between not being a BJA judo coach for many years while claiming to have been coaching kids during this period?

You can contact BJA Safeguarding about when Mike Liptrot suddenly became a BJA coach this year after he had been refusing to DBS* check for many years. 
(see what DBS means and what is required later in the post)

 BJA Staff Registry

Keith Eldridge, BJA Safeguarding manager, did previously publicly state that anyone can contact him or his assistant, Marina Dain, prior to Mike Liptrot becoming a BJA Judo coach!   

BJA Staff Directory

Keith Eldridge – FaceBook

Since Mike Liptrot suddenly became a BJA coach, around March 2022, Mr Eldridge and the BJA CEO, Andrew Scoular, have not responded to requests to clarify what date Mike liptrot became a BJA coach nor what BJA coaching level.

BJA Staff Directory

Keith Eldridge – FaceBook


BJA coaching information

The GBJC Facebook group

So the judo community can discuss important issues such as this, GBJC has a FaceBook group with transparent governence that doesn’t allow online bullying, censorship nor the “disappearances” of comments, discussions and members.
As seen in GB Judo Underground, BJA Southern Area, the BJC group, etc.  
You can join the group and participate according to ethical discussion requirements.

Apply to join!


You might also be interested in the imminent BJA AGM, 12 November 2022,  with some very unusual rules being imposed by the BJA Board of Directors?  

Figures having been changed from last year’s annual accounts (remuneration payments), etc. 

Postal voting countdown during the postal strikes!   

Or what is happening with the “BJA App”, aka Dojo-2, that into it’s 4 months of the roll-out it is already 3 months behind the CEO’s schedule, requiring a new website, only manual grading is possible and “issues with payments” announced.    

Related information:

BJA Introduction to Safeguarding:

Safeguarding in judo

British Judo take safeguarding and the safety of its members extremely seriously.
Use the menu bar to explore this section of the website and find out more about safeguarding and what measures you and your club can take to minimise the risks to children at your club.


BJA Safeguarding book: 


Safelandings is an official document that outlines child protection policies and procedures for British Judo and all of it’s home nations: JudoScotland, Northern Ireland Judo Federation and Welsh Judo.

Safelandings should be used as an initial point of reference for clubs and individuals regarding child protection matters.

Click here to download British Judo’s Safelandings

If you have any questions surrounding Safelandings or child protection in general, please contact [email protected] .

DBS Check*

What does a DBS check actually check?
A Disclosure and Barring Service check (or DBS check for short) is the term used for the analysis and record of a person’s past, looking specifically at any convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings they may have received.
BJA coaching level 1 requires an enhanced DBS check.  
An enhanced DBS check has all the information contained in a standard DBS check. With an enhanced check, an employer [The BJA] can also request to see whether a potential or current employee [Coach or applicant] is listed on the Children’s Barred List or Adult First list.

BJA Links:

DBS (Disclosure and Barrings Service):


Positive DBS check process:

If your DBS checks holds new information, British Judo will request you to provide a copy of your Disclosure certificate from the DBS and follow the Positive Disclosure policy.

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